Serving Houston and Surrounding Areas

We at Detail Construction Inc. offer pavers installation, which is perfect for improving the outdoor areas of your property wherever you are in or around Houston. When you prefer bricks or stones to concrete on your driveway or patio, laying pavers is the best option, as you can choose what materials to use among the different kinds available in our supply, depending on the look and functionality you’re going for.

Pavers are also cost-efficient long-term because of their easy upkeep and resistance against environmental damages such as root growth, earthquakes, frosts, and erosions. And since you’re laying individual stones or bricks together instead of installing whole slabs or pieces of concrete, pavers are also known to be crack resistant.

Our services are among the most trusted in Houston. Take a look below at some pavers we’ve accomplished in the area, and feel free to give us a call for a free estimate of our services.

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