Patio Cover Installation
Serving Houston and Surrounding Areas

Having a patio in your property gives it a more elegant look. It gives out a welcoming vibe that makes people want to take a second look whenever they pass by. However, it’s always exposed and is always at risk of being destroyed by environmental factors. But worry not because we have a simple solution just for you!

Here at Detail Construction, Inc., we provide efficient patio cover installations to the residents of Houston and its surrounding areas. Now, you might be wondering how our patio covers can help in protecting and preserving your patio. To answer your question, let’s look at the list of benefits that you can enjoy by getting a patio cover installation from us:

Patio Protection

Here at Detail Construction, Inc., our patio covers are designed to withstand all damages brought about by different weather conditions. Whether it’s heavy rainfall caused by a nasty storm or that scorching Houston heat in the summer, you wouldn’t have to stress about your patio getting damaged in any way or form. And since we’re on the topic of protection, getting a patio cover installation from us would also protect you from spending more in the long run. How? It’s simple: with our patio covers, you wouldn’t have to spend money to remove any scratches and discolorations on your patio. So, preserve your property’s overall aesthetic and save more by getting a patio cover installation from Detail Construction, Inc. today!

Aesthetic Addition

There are many additions that can contribute to the overall look of your home, and our patio covers are one of them. Getting a patio cover installation from our team of experienced specialists would not only protect your patio from environmental hazards, but it would also add a more elegant aesthetic to your Houston property. And speaking of enhancing the overall look of your home, having a patio cover may also increase your property’s resale value should you sell it in the future! As our name suggests, Detail Construction, Inc. looks into the smallest of details that would make your home look like a million bucks.


Aside from protective and aesthetic purposes, getting a patio cover installation from us would also provide you with more convenience. How? With our patio covers, you can access and use your patio any day of the week at any time you want! You want to enjoy that alluring Houston view in your backyard, but it’s too hot? Not an issue! You want to enjoy that cool breeze while reading a book, but it’s raining? Not a problem! All you have to do is to get a patio cover installation from Detail Construction, Inc.!

Social Activities

Speaking of convenience, having Detail Construction, Inc. work on your patio covers would also allow you to have social activities on your patio. Invite your family to enjoy a Sunday picnic with you or throw the wildest party that Houston has ever seen with your friends without being afraid of unexpected weather conditions. Get to do all of that by getting a patio cover installation from us today.


As you can see, these trusty additions come with a variety of benefits that would help you in many ways. From protecting your patio from natural elements to providing you with convenience, you can assure yourself that getting a patio cover would be money well spent. And if you’re looking for a trusted company in Houston that specializes in patio cover installation services, remember that Detail Construction, Inc. is here to serve you. Give us a call at 281-808-9858 for a Free On-Site Estimate.